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Saturday, October 15, 2011


It was centuries since barbaric wars, and slavery, and such uncivilied events. Now, effort was put into science, and literature. The world was striving, and more specifically, so was "Mrs. Dr. WOW" as she was so fondly referred. She had been a special conception. Her parents were rich and were able to go to the very best when they wanted to construct their daughter. They were able to pick her gender, her traits, even her hair color.  She was currently working with a feminist group, and was on a breakthrough to allowing conception to occur without any male participation or products. She had just finished creating them herself.

Dr. WOW's construct were to replace male necessity in society. And thus, she decided to rid of them once and for all. Her plan was simple, with each shipment an invisible, odorless drug would make all Y-chromosones void, useless.Once the men died off, the world would be pure.

However, unbenonced to her, another less known scientist was trying to construct matter, such that conception could occur  without any female presence. Once he finished he hoped to destroy all y-chromosone, destroy the possibility of another baby girl.

Neither knew each other, neither knew the others plans, neither knew that they were siblings.But both knew that they needed to be the first. They were both rushing the clock trying to test, confirm, and then finish the plan... to change society forever.

Within a week's time almost every lab was trying the new, cheaper, replacements. However, no one knew that they were meant to kill. And kill they did.

Men died off, and women died off. And babies were born and raised. But soon they noticed a problem. Their supplies suddenly stopped working.  Neither the y-chromosone nor the x-chromosone worked. And Dr. WOW was dead. And her brother was dead. And soon, all humanity would be dead, too.

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